About Me


I live an organic lifestyle, love to cook and develop my own recipes.  I dream of one day owning my very own self-sustained homestead along with chickens, goats, ducks and a pot belly big; surrounded by beautiful vegetable and herb gardens and a little vineyard to enjoy.

My husband once told me that if I ever wanted to explain myself in one phrase it would be “A hippie from VA born and raised in Puerto Rico” I love it! It sounds a little like an oxymoron but for anyone out there that really knows me it makes sense.

I was born and raised in PR with memories that I cherish every single day. Living in a tropical climate also allows for a better selection of fresh fruits and vegetables all year long.  Our backyard was a tropical fruit paradise and on any given day I could walk in and pick fresh fruits and vegetables from our bountiful selection that included mangoes, pineapples, pomegranates, passion fruits, papayas, bananas, oranges, avocados, an edible herb garden and access to fresh honey from my dad’s beehives.  Back then I was too young to value such prized produce at my fingertips.

In my teens I moved from my tropical paradise to a small town in SW Virginia nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains where my Dad had grown up and where my grandmother went to college. Many times I wondered how I would fit in, but it came so natural and felt so right to be there. It is such a beautiful place, with mountains, rivers, creeks, and cascades; the landscape invites you to experience nature and be  adventurous. This is the place where I learned to let go, to understand the rhythms of nature and my connection with earth. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the area attracts many down to earth common minded people and that there is a hippie community nearby.

Back then I would have never realized how my upbringing in Puerto Rico and my experiences as a young adult in Southwest Virginia would come full circle to shape who I am today.  In my mid and late twenties as the ambition bug hit me I set out to conquer the world and fill myself with riches and material things.  While I was busy making life happen I forgot to take good care of me.  I started breaking out in hives, gaining weight and feeling extremely lethargic.  I went from doctor to doctor trying to find answers and the response was always the same “nothing is wrong with you”, “it is just stress”, “some people live with hives and never know the cause”.  I knew better but I didn’t know where to turn, until a friend suggested I visit her Naturopath Doctor.  I did and it changed my entire view in our medical system, what no doctor could figure out she did with a simple saliva and hormonal test.  I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue; she recommended a detox program, natural supplements, a change in diet and lifestyle. Six months later I was as good as new and within a year I was pregnant with my first child. This marked the beginning of my transformation into a more wholesome holistic lifestyle.

With the birth of my first child my whole world changed, my perspective of life, career, and success completely shifted; what I once thought was important didn’t matter anymore.  This left me in a perpetual search for meaning. Today I am happy to say that after a process of self-discovery I finally figured it out! I want to help others enjoy ‘real food’ and how simple it is to adapt to a whole foods lifestyle that your whole family can enjoy. I also want to help others find healthier and more natural alternatives that fit our busy on the go lifestyles. I consider myself an advocate for preventative medicine and I am deeply concerned about our nation’s obesity crisis. My main areas of interests include cooking, whole foods based nutrition, and urban gardening. Other topics close to my heart include natural birth, breastfeeding, natural health, alternative medicine.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful!



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