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Raising “Real Food” Eaters Tip #3- Cook with your kids

 - by Tanya

Involve children in meal preparation I can vividly remember being about three years old and helping my grandmother in the kitchen; she used to sit me on the kitchen counter and allowed me to be part of the meal preparation process. To this day I attribute my love for the kitchen and healthy eating to… Read More »

Raising “Real Food” Eaters Tip#1-Plant a Garden

 - by Tanya

Plant a Garden Get children interested in the process of growing vegetables and where they come from. They are more likely to eat vegetables if they grow them themselves. This has really worked for me personally, we have involved our toddler in every step of the process and the best part is to see his… Read More »

Raising “Real Food” Eaters Series

 - by Tanya

As parents we are always concerned about our children and whether or not they are eating enough.  We should be more concerned with the quality of the foods they consume rather than the amount.  What steps can we take to to raise real food eater’s vs. fake food eaters.  Most Americans eat a diet of… Read More »