Raising “Real Food” Eaters Tip#1-Plant a Garden

 - by Tanya

Plant a Garden
Get children interested in the process of growing vegetables and where they come from. They are more likely to eat vegetables if they grow them themselves. This has really worked for me personally, we have involved our toddler in every step of the process and the best part is to see his excitement every time he discovers something new in the garden. He is full of excitement when the broccoli head is ready for harvest, the new tomato that just turned red or the purple eggplant that he gets to pick and bring in the house and help me fix for dinner.

  1. Take them shopping for seeds, and let them pick some of their own seeds.
  2. Make planting day an event let them get dirty, let them plant their own seeds
  3. Continue to cultivate their interest by having your child write the names of the vegetables planted on wooden sticks and/or drawing the picture.
  4. Give them small responsibilities so they have a vested interest in the garden they are growing. (watering duties, weeding)
  5. Encourage them to care for the garden on a daily basis, and keep it fun by pointing out blooms as they appear, counting tomatoes, finding the longest string bean and scoping out for insects that may appear. Use only Organic Sprays only when needed!




Check out this creative “I’m growing my own Garden Certificate for kids” and great planning resource


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