Raising “Real Food” Eaters Tip#2- Visit your local Farmers Market

 - by Tanya

Visit your local Farmers Markets regularly
Consuming locally grown foods allows you to make healthier and more economical choices while supporting your local economy. All of these open air markets not only offer great access to locally grown foods, they also offers access to unique local products like fresh flowers, homemade goods, honey and so much more.

Advantages of shopping at a Farmers Market:

  • Fresher and more nutritious produce that is better tasting. On average most produce purchased at the supermarket has traveled 1500 miles, travel time causes environmental pollution, impacts the nutritional value and because it is picked before it is ripe it is less tasty.
  • Encourages you to eat what is in season, buying seasonal produce allows you to try new foods and experiment with new recipes. If it is in season it will most likely taste better too!
  • Local farmers tend to use more natural and organic practices when growing their produce limiting the amount of pesticides and insecticides.
  • Local pasture-based farms raise livestock often raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Developing a relationships with your local farmers

Visit your local Farmers Market with your children on the weekends. Give them a few dollars and encourage them to pick their own fruits and vegetables. An added benefit of shopping at your local farmers market is saving money you can buy a whole lot more fruits and veggies for $15 that you could ever get at the supermarket!

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Eat Wild: Find a pasture-based farm in your area

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