The “Boobie” Journey

 - by Tanya

As I developed into a young lady and my boobs started to ripen the world around me told me they were a sexual object. I remember the amount of time spent in front of the mirror stuffing them with socks to make them look bigger. Low cut shirts and pushup bras for better cleavage. Never fully understanding the real purpose of boobs. Until one day the boobie fairy struck me with her magic wand and so the journey into motherhood began and so my boobies became the feeding vessel of health that they were always intended to become.

I had never seen anyone breastfeed before I became a mother, but instinctively I knew it was what I planned to do. After all it was the natural thing to do. My child is human and he needs human milk, why would I give him anything else if my anatomy was designed to deliver exactly what he needs through his first year of life and beyond.

I was lucky enough to breastfeed on demand for the first year of my child’s life and continue our breastfeeding journey through the age of 3. In my journey I encountered adversity, misinformation and whole lot of unwarranted advice. From the pediatrician that suggested I should supplement, to the many that thought I was doing wrong by allowing my child to feed on demand, to those that were concerned about my child’s well-being at age 3 and still on to the boob, to the many appalling stares while breastfeeding in public and let’s not forget inadvertently becoming a member of the ongoing controversy amongst breastfeeding mamas and formula feeding mamas.

Although my breastfeeding journey has already ended with my first born I will forever cherish the memories of the bond we have developed and the health benefits that will last a lifetime.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week I wrote this poem…

As I hold you close to my breast
With every gaze
I feel connected
You are one with me
I am one with you
We understand each other
Your tender eyes express comfort, happiness and satisfaction
We are in the moment even when the world around us moves at lightning speed

As your tender voice calls out for “boobies”
I know they are your instant pacifier
your automatic mood shifter
the eternal comfort blanky
and your favorite pillow

But best of all I know they are a vessel of health
That supplies your every need
And a bond we will forever share
And one I will forever cherish